July 16, 2017

'Sangita Kalanidhi' award for 2018 goes to 'Chitravina' Ravikiran

The Music Academy, Madras today announced that 'Çhitravina' Ravikiran will receive the 'Sangita Kalanidhi' award for 2018.

N. Ravikiran, a musician who displayed his talent from the age of 2, has been consistently presenting chaste music since his early childhood. He is a performer, composer, guru and artistic director for North American Melharmonic Honors Orchestra.

Son and disciple of guru Chitravina Narasimhan, Ravikiran later trained under the veteran musician T. Brinda. He is equally adept in playing Chitravina, a 21 stringed instrument and presenting vocal music.

He has conducted workshops and learning sessions in India and abroad. He has a host of disciples in many countries, whom he teaches online and in person whenever he visits those countries or the students visit him in India. His lec-dem sessions are popular for their rich content.

N. Ravikiran presenting a lecture-demonstration for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha in Dec. 2016

This short documentary of Ravikiran's music and various roles as a musician from 2014 on CNN summarises his career span of more than 45 years.

'Çleveland' V V Sundaram, an organiser and music patron opines - "A performer of extraordinary merit, a musicologist of high repute, a composer with rare distinction, a Guru with few equals and a global ambassador for Indian classical music - these and many other attributes make this Genius a very deserving candidate for this honor," on his Facebook post, congratulating Ravikiran on the award.

June is that of the year when music rasikas start discussing the awards to be conferred on musicians during the season.

The Music Academy's 'Sangita Kalanidhi' award becomes the topic in every Carnatic music forum online and offline. There are polls and casual comments on Social Media and everyone wish their favourite artiste received the award. This announcement puts all the speculations and discussions to rest for this year.

Ravikiran will preside over the 91st annual conference of The Music Academy to be held between December 15, 2017 and January 1, 2018. The award will be conferred on him on January 1, 2018.

February 01, 2017

January 04, 2017

December comes and goes, but the music season stays on ...

The 'season' comes to an end with the 'sadas' at the Music Academy. Many sabhas continue their music festivals into January though.

The music continues to go on. Thyagaraja Aradhana is January, Thirupoonthuruthi Narayana Teertha festival, Gopalakrishna Bharathi festival in February-March, Mummoorthigal Jayanthi in March-April and then the music goes to the other side of the globe. Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana during the Easter week is a big event for the musicians and the rasikas in the Big Apple.

And then from June begins the discussions on the awards for the next music season. What follows is Adi Music Festival in Chennai, Gokulashtami series, Vinayaka Chaturthi concerts and then the Navaratri concerts. And lo, the next 'December Season' comes just after the non-stop music through the year.

Being a website for the 'season,' for 7 years now, we want to keep this website just that. We debated on what we do for the music that flows through the year and now we have a new place for the music throughout the year.

We have named it Nadalokam - World of Carnatic music. We move to this place from January to October / November, only to get back to our 'season' hub.

Now you can find news, views, reviews at http://nadalokam.blogspot.in/

Hope to meet you all there till we meet again in this space!   

December 23, 2016

Big day at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha

No doubt, it is a big day for the organisers as well as rasikas, whenever K.J. Yesudas presents his concerts during the 'season'. It was no different at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha on Dec. 21, 2016.

As is the practice, after the morning concert, the sabha sets its venue aside for the full day exclusively for arranging this popular musician's concert at 6.30 p.m. The rasikas, most of them reserve their presence by getting the ticket at least a day earlier. They arrive well in advance and the venue is always houseful for K J Yesudas's concert.

Her is a picture of K.J. Yesudas presenting his performance.
Photo by Smita Joshi.

December 19, 2016

Kalakshetra postpones its festival

The 64th year Art Festival earlier announced by Kalakshetra is postponed, according to a report in The Hindu.

The report mentions that the director of Kalakshetra Foundation Priyadarshini Govind saying that the Rukmini Arangam is under repairing and re-roofing after cyclone Vardah.

The auditorium has suffered severe damages and the roofs were blown off in the cyclone.
The foundation is returning the money to those who have earlier booked tickets for the festival.

December 18, 2016

Melodious morning at Narada Gana Sabha

In the days one gets to listen to Nadaswaram concerts only during the inaugurations of the music festivals, the morning concert at Narada Gana Sabha was heartwarming.

The performers were Sheik Mahaboob Subhani and Kaleeshabi Subhani along with their son and disciple Ferose Babu. The couple took the audience to an enjoyable mood with their alternate playing of the instrument. The audio was set perfectly right for a morning concert. Kambhodhi raga alapana was much appreciated by the audience that they applauded at frequent intervals.

A few pictures from the concert.
Photo by Smita Joshi