December 12, 2023

A guide to the 'Season' in memory of S. Kannan

Come December, Chennai's passionate Carnatic music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate S. Kannan's meticulously crafted compact calendar, a cherished annual tradition. This pocket-sized treasure has been the faithful companion for many, guiding them through a bustling array of concerts, dance recitals, enlightening lec-dems, and vibrant art events.

Following two subdued seasons owing to the pandemic, Chennai rekindled its vibrant musical spirit in 2022, hosting numerous in-person concerts. However, the joy was tempered by the somber news of S. Kannan's passing on January 26, 2023, just after the season. His invaluable contribution to the music world and his dedicated efforts in creating the indispensable season guide were fondly remembered by every music aficionado.

In a heartfelt tribute to Kannan, a small, devoted team resolved to uphold his legacy by continuing the tradition of publishing the Reckoner for the Music Season. Though unfamiliar with the sheer scale of Kannan's work, this determined team embarked on the task of compiling details. Despite facing challenges such as power outages and limited connectivity due to Cyclone Michaung, and personal adversities including inundation and health issues, the team persevered. They have managed to present a digital edition - an eBook, albeit not reaching the perfection of Kannan's standards.

You can access the eBook (PDF) through this link -

The team extends a warm invitation to all rasikas to save, download, and share this tribute to Kannan's legacy.

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