December 20, 2010

Pantula Rama : Fascile and confident

by Sivapriya Krishnan

Been a while since I posted on the site.

Pantula Rama at the Music Academy made a statement , by a fascile approach to her singing. If the Sanskrit word "anaayaasam" needs to be understood in application, then one has to listen to her sing. Her voice traverses multi octaves with ease and her brighas are crisp and fall in place. Her creativity, energy and exploratory approach on stage very easily reminds us of the felicity of MLV. I am not here talking about bani or style. Readers please don't confuse. Just drawing a mild comparison to the energy on stage !

I heard her only from the song Vinanaasakoni yunnaanura in Pratapavarali.
Parvati Ninnune in Kalkagada, which she sang with a tisra nadai approach had a folkish touch , which was rather different to the ears.

She sang an excellent Kamboji raga , that was to be followed by Tiruvadi Charanam.
My crib with her Tiruvadi Charanam was that it became a " Candy Floss ". A song with so much pathos and entreaty was not treated to its grandeur. She was very fast with the song and the swaras sans neraval only added to this lightness.

Her RTP in Khanda triputa, purvangam Tisra nadai till arudi and the dhrutam portion with chatusram was an intelligent line. It was actually a simple format, very easy to handle, but at the same time giving the listener a feeling of being tricky !

She treated this pallavi well and wrapped with a brisk Sindubhairavi Tillana of Lalgudi Jayaraman.

What is good about her, is that she sings pleasantly, unmindful of the surroundings, with ease and poise,is very confident about herself and presents with maturity.

MSN Murthy on the violin, VV Ramanamurthy on the mridangam and N Somayajulu on the ghatam matched the artist's calibre and added to the lustre of the concert.

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