December 03, 2012

Tech savvy artistes make the most of their gadgets

Photo and content by L. Baba Prasad

We caught Murali Parthasarathy (Vocalist) and M.S Kannan (Violinist) using iPad during a dance rehearsal.

They use devices at the recitals and rehearsal. They find it very useful when it comes to organising all songs that they know and use during concerts.

"We have scanned the songs from our notebooks and sorted out item-wise and artiste-wise so it's very easy to access," they say. Classifying genre-wise like varnams, padams and jawalis also help them, search their repertoire effectively. Even if its dark on the Stage, we can see the song better using this iPad!
"The popular  iTanpura app for the Apple devices is a great boon us," they add saying that the quality from it is amazing!

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