December 16, 2014

The 'real' season begins in Chennai!

With the major sabhas like Narada Gana Sabha, Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, and The Music Academy joining in on three consecutive days, the already busy schedule of concerts gets more crowded.

At the inauguration in the Music Academy, rasikas saw a neat red and blue sky backdrops on stage. A different kind of experience for the gallery audience.

The Music Academy's lec-dem sessions are also on from today at the mini hall. Well attended by music students, rasikas and experts, these sessions hold a lot of information for the uninitiated as well.

On day one, Commader G. Srirama Rao spoke on philately and Numismatics with reference to music. This retired Navy commander is passionate collector of stamps, coins, autographs, postal cancellations - all of music from all over the world. He had earlier held exhibitions of his collections in Visakhapatnam and other places. He has brought them to Chennai and they are on display at the TAG Digital Archival Centre inside the Music Academy premises till Dec. 20, 2014 between 10 a.m and 5 p.m.

The special postal cover on D.K. Pattammal, when opened, play a song of the vidushi! There is also a stamp on Veena Dhanammal and a postal cover on Papanasam Sivan.

He has displayed a rare collection called ‘Musical Post Offices’ wherein he traced 76 post offices in 13 countries named after musicians and Musical scores. You could catch up with Mr. Rao and listen to stories of his collections at this exhibition.

Mr. Rao says he is ready to take his collections to anywhere in India. All that he needs is the space and the display boards and tables. He will take care of the rest.

His collections are recognised by Lima Book of Records. Reach him at

Here are a few pictures of the exhibition captured by Ramya Vasudevan.

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