November 16, 2016

T.M. Krishna skips Chennai Sabhas this season too!

Many senior musicians as well as up and coming artistes have begun publishing the schedule of their concerts in December this year. The musicians are updating their website, blogs and are also sharing the details on the social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

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T.M. Krishna who is among the popular musicians whose concerts are looked forward to eagerly by his fans has also updated his website with the upcoming concerts. But it reveals that he is skipping the Chennai Sabhas and season this year too.

Last year ahead of December music season, he announced that he was quitting from the 'season' from December 2015 onwards.

In an extraordinary decision, maverick Carnatic musician T.M. Krishna has declared that he will not sing in Chennai December music season henceforth. In a Facebook posting, he said: “I would like to inform all of you that henceforth (beginning December 2015), I will not be singing in Chennai’s December Music Season.”

The concert schedule page of Krishna's website reveals that he is not singing in any of the sabhas this season too. However, he is performing at Cholamandalam Artists Village and at Jeeva Park in Chennai in December. He is busy participating in many events outside Chennai city in December.

So, fans of T.M. Krishna have to get to ready to listen to him at a park or at the artists' campus during December in Chennai.


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