October 29, 2009


We began our journey during the 'season' 2009 bringing interesting events, concert reviews and a list of all concerts - of up-and-coming artistes as well senior vidwans. 

With contributions by three arts enthusiasts who share many skills amongst them – classical music, dance, writing, photography, audio & video techniques, blogging, driving, PR and so on, the website has been a one-stop reference for all those who look for a round-up of all that is music, dance and arts in Chennai during December. This set us apart from the other websites.

The Team:

Sivapriya Krishnan

Sivapriya Krishnan is an ardent and passionate singer, student, and writes on Carnatic music. She is an MBA with a wide corporate experience in blue-chip companies for 20 years and is also a faculty in business schools.

In addition to this, she holds an MA in Music from Madras University and is completing a course in Human Resource Development and Training from Franklin Covey.

She has performed concerts and also enjoys teaching Carnatic vocal music to a few students.

R. Revathi

R. Revathi loves classical art forms - Carnatic music and traditional Indian dance - and plays the veena. She writes freelance on arts and culture for magazines, newspapers and websites.

Having been a banker for over 15 years and an independent writer and journalist for reputed newspapers and websites, she teaches Banking and Commerce as well as journalism in her free time.

She holds a masters degree in Journalism and works with new media technologies, maintains websites, and makes documentaries. She motivates young people in writing and reporting through a dedicated website for children, based in Chennai.

L. Baba Prasad

L. Baba Prasad, an accomplished mridangam artiste is the son of Shri. Adyar K.Lakshman, a well-known Bharatha Natyam guru.

Trained under Shri. Vaidyanathan (Trivandrum) and later under Guru Shri Palghat Ramanathan of Kalakshetra, Baba Prasad learnt the special techniques of playing Mridangam for Bharatha Natyam from his uncle K. Gopinath.

A sound engineer by profession and owns a digital sound studio, He also teaches recording, mixing, and mastering to media students. Baba is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (U.S.A) and has performed Close-up magic shows in Singapore and India.

Contributors for the 'season':

Smita Joshi

An aspiring Chartered Accountant and an avid photographer, Smita loves capturing the moods of the performing artistes.

Sripriya Ayyangar
A photography enthusiast who loves travelling across the length and breadth of the city to shoot.

Ramya Vasudevan
A viscom post-graduate and an event manager. A multi-talented person with a variety of interests.

What is on the website:

The posts here will range from real reviews to light and off-beat stories; expert answers to fun quizzes; photos from all over – the stage, the canteen, the green room, the parking lot; awards & schedules.More and more ideas as they pour in and as the season takes off.

How can you be part of this website:
Your feedback will encourage us!
Send all your mails to : chennaiseason@gmail.com
If you are in Chennai, you can also share with us what you experience.
If you love to read about the season's happenings, please visit the website more than once a day and post your feedback by clicking on 'Post a comment' below the articles.


Sankaran said...

today ( 18-12-2010 ) morning went to Sri Partha swami sabha and listened TNS Krishna.... wow what a voice and the flow of raga and the kritis... just like his father... the swaras rendering was also fantastic .... the shabas have to think of giving him an opportunity in the evening programs....

Chitra Sherman said...

This is wonderful site to help us plan our Dec season ...plan on when to be where to get the best of the season

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