November 20, 2009

The Park's New Festival - 2009

The Park's New Festival, hosted by Prakriti Foundation, since 2007 was called the Other Festival in its previous avtar.Contemporary arts performances by international artistes' groups make this festival a special one to look forward to by arts enthusiasts.

This year's festival will be held from Dec.2 to 6,2009

The schedule:
Dec. 2,2009 - 'Ice Or Water' in association with the Inko Centre.
Modern dance choreography of eight dancers from Hong’s Dance Company Korea which mixes memory and movements to skillfully transform a childhood game into the aesthetics of contemporary dance.

Director-Park Hongki.
Venue: Museum Theatre.

Dec. 3,2009 - Dastangoi Performance by Mahmood Farooqui & Dan Ayyar.
Presentation of excerpts from the Dastan-e-Amir Hamza the crowning glory of the Urdu dastan tradition.

At the Museum Theatre.

Dec.4,2009 - From Madison to Madurai: 134 Days in Mother India.
A monologue by H.R.Britton, based on his visit to India and going to pilgrimage sites and about the awkward situations he got into with his naiveté.

At the Museum Theatre.

Dec.5,2009 - Tilt - dance performance - choreographed by Anusha Lall

Using the movement vocabulary of Bharatanatyam as a starting point, it attempts to discover fresh dynamics and create new perspectives, both, in the way that it is performed, and in the way it is viewed.

At Chandra Mandapa, Spaces,Besant Nagar.

Dec.6,2009 - Shiv Shakthi - musical performance by Dhruba Ghosh in Sarangi and Ernest Rombout in Alto Oboe.
Elaborated through three sets of ragas: Shankara – Durga , Bhairav – Bhairavi, Darbari or Jaunpuri – Asavari (or alternatively Malkauns – Durga).
At Kalakshetra Auditorium.

Dec.7, 2009 - Love, Death, and the Devil - dance performance.
Director - Ben J.Riepe
The programme in association with the Goethe-Institute/Max mueller Bhavan.
At Kalakshetra Auditorium

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