November 23, 2009

Tips for Bharatha Natyam Artistes

1. A Dance Artiste before going to the stage has to a little bit of home work so as to ensure proper flow of his/her show to go smoothly for the that evening main event.

2. First, the Green room has to be checked if the lights are OK and the Wash room is Clean.

3. Make sure that some Snacks , Mineral Water , Coffee/Tea is arranged for the Musicians.

4. IMPORTANT: Now YOU the Dancer to take some Energy Drink with you, Glucose etc., to be taken during each Item gap when the Ragam is going on .

5. Ensure the Sound and Light person is there and better to do a SOUND and LIGHT CHECK before the Show.

If you are performing with a Recorded CD, ensure that the Sound person is having a good DVD or CD player or Take one by yourself tested at Home!

6. If you need Audio Recording , its better to Inform the Sound Person ahead when you book the Sabha etc., so that he will be Prepared with is Equipment.

7. If you have a Video Person, Try to get a Direct Connection from the Sound Person to the Camera to get a CLEAR AUDIO in your VIDEO.

8. Last but not least, Get a set of Garlends or Momentos to honour the Orchestra etc.,

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