October 30, 2010

Ideas and presentations invited for the Naatya Kala Conference of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha

Sri Krishna Gana Sabha's Naatya Kala Conference(NKC) is a very important event during the Chennai Art festival season in December.

The 30th annual NKC will be held between Dec. 26 and 31, 2010.
Senior dancer and guru Shanta Dhananjayan will be the convener for the 30th & 31st NKC.(for two years).

This year's conference will focus on the Abhyaasa-Sampradaaya (evolutionary developments in the last century ) culminating in today's repertoire and presentation of the five major system of traditional Naatya namely Bharatanaatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi-naatya, Odissi-naatya and Kathak-naatya. A living legendary Achaarya will lead each deliberation.

Each day is devoted to one style which will focus on educating and enlightening the commoner and connoisseur to appreciate these performing art forms in greater in-depth. Particularly the critics , reviewers and students could enhance their understanding and appreciation level.

On the concluding day (Dec 31st) whole session will focus on FUNDING CLASSICAL ARTS and how to go about getting funds. Representatives from Government Funding Bodies, Corporate Bodies, Sabhas, will talk and answer questions on the availability and procedure to get funds and opportunities to perform and foreign tours etc.

This is envisaged to help various Artistes, Art Institutions, schools, Cultural Organisations etc.

Individuals, organized groups, Institutions are required to register themselves as Conference delegates to facilitate designated seat allotments and participate in the discussions and get free refreshments.

The Sabha and the convenor of NKC also invite relevant articles /suggestions/fresh ideas/opinions concerning the performing arts , to publish in the souvenir to be released on 31st Dec.
Restrict the articles/suggestions etc to ONE page (a4 size page) and a passport size photo and four lines Bio-data must be accompanied. A special Editors, Jury will select the best journalistic written materials for publication. The jury will also select the best among them for a surprise award.

Contact: Smt: Shanta Dhananjayan (Phone: 044+24911125)
C/o Bharatakalanjali, 6, Jeevaratnam Nagar, Adyar, Chennai. 600020
Email: bkalanjali@gmail.com

with a copy to:
Sri. Y.R.Prabhu , Secretary, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha
Maharajapuram Santhanam Road ( Old Griffth Rd, T.Nagar, Chennai.600017.
Phone; 044+28140806

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