November 10, 2011

The Music Academy releases its schedule for 2011

The much awaited schedule of the season, that is of the Music Academy's is out today. They have released all the schedules - music concerts, morning academic sessions, the dance festival.

All these are now updated on the Academy's website

There are many interesting features to note. Some senior vidwans have given way to the younger musicians in their evening slots, while they moved up to the veteran slots in the morning.
This makes some rasikas happy too since the morning concerts are open to all.
A few of the young artistes so far performing at the afternoon slots have been promoted to the evening slots.
Some new faces are also up in the Academy this year.
Clearly the shift is towards the young brigade in the classical music.
Though this is a welcome trend, Mr. Krishnamoorthy, a senior rasikas who has been witnessing the December season for the past four decades now, suggests an exclusive 'veterans season' just before the season! He also suggests a shorter slots, say 90 min for them which will not strain them but will give the gen Y a great time listening and picking up some tips for the season that would be before them.
Will anybody buy this idea?

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