September 09, 2014

Artistes begin listing season concerts online

The December in Music Season starts in November or even much earlier. So is the concert schedule of popular artistes.

If you follow the artistes blog posts, websites and social media mentions, you will know that the schedule of December Season is almost ready.
This week we came across two artistes updating their calendars online.

Vocalist duo Ranjani and Gayatri have listed their December Season concerts in their blog. The rasikas are sharing the link on their blogs and social media pages. Here is the link for you -

Popular vocalist Bombay Jayashri's website is well maintained with the schedule of concerts through the year. The season concerts are mentioned appropriately in the schedule. The link to the schedule page is -

Most sabhas come up with their complete schedule only in late November. Many feel that it is not very helpful in planning travel ahead.

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