December 15, 2015

When do young people attend kutcheris?

Rarely one gets to see young audience in Carnatic music concerts. A fair number of listeners in their 40s are not a rare scene though.

A few artistes have been huge crowd-pullers. Vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyam's concerts were overflowing last year. All the concerts hosted by Charsur Arts Foundation during the season are of up and coming musicians and all of them see houseful audiences. Prasanna Venkatraman, Amrita Murali, Nisha Rajagopalan, Bharat Sundar are among the artistes who attract the younger generation of listeners. Trichur Brothers are still in this group but have moved on to prime slots quickly. But all of them present traditional concerts with no frills attached.

Ramakrishnan Murthy, another rising star has been topping the list of concerts with young audiences. This year too his concerts are well attended. On Dec. 11, at Ragasudha Hall, people sat on the side benches, on the stage and some were standing.

His concert at Arkay Convention Hall for Parampara yesterday was another full-house one.

Do young people attend when the artiste is also young? Or, do they just go for good music? 

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