November 24, 2014

Looking for making your Promo CD?

An opportunity young artistes may want to make use of this season.

Many up and coming artistes want to submit their best audio samples to the organisers when they submit their resume for an opportunity to perform. Often they end up recording at their homes or just submit something casually recorded at one of their earlier performances.

These recordings some times make or break the opportunity that comes to you. Si, it is desirable that you try your best to showcase your talent through a best recording bit. For this, you don't need to be dishonest and correct the flaws in singing, but recording what you sing in well treated room, with the right equipments enhance the quality of the audio sample and makes the listening a pleasure.

Chennai based Indian Art Stage now helps you connect with such a facility to bring out your talent in a Promo CD. You will be recording at a Studio, air-conditioned and with cutting edge technologies. You will be given an hour's time in the studio at the end of which you will walk away with a very good recording sample CD and an audio file in MP3 format recorded to your own drive.

The whole experience including the recording at a good ambiance for an hour, mixing, mastering, production and the CD & MP3 comes for Rs. 2499. Contact by email - or by phone : +91 97890 62915

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