November 21, 2014

Season's first snapshots

As Bharatiya Vidya Bhavn opens its fest, the 'season' unfolds in Chennai.
For many rasikas. the December Season begins with concerts at BVB, which are open to all and not ticketed. Like the first showers of the monsoon, the opening day at this venue is always special to the art lovers of the city.
The Bhavan's renovated auditorium was brimming with eager audience to listen to the season's first concert of Bombay Jayashree.
Here are the first snapshots from BVB.

The festive look outside Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
'Veena' Gaayathri, speaks on her Life time achievement award
Bombay Jayashree who also received the award looks on

The full house at the inauguration
Audience spilling over on the corridors

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