December 07, 2009

Now you can buy December season tickets online

This is for people who visit Chennai for December season.

A few sabhas have opted to have their ticket sale online this year. Season tickets for the December season as well as the daily tickets for the kutcheri of your choice can be bought online now.

To plan and buy the tickets, the schedule of concerts of the sabhas whose tickets are available for purchase online is also up.

Presently, tickets for concerts at Brahma Gana Sabha, Kalarasana, Mudhra and Bharat Kalachar are available online.



vijisvr said...

Hi! I wonder why in this age of internet only a few sabhas have gone for the online option. Not all rasikas are from Chennai. The online option helps many to book their choice without the hassle of running from one sabha to another at odd times. Come on sabhas; Do you still wanno lumber on instead of changing with times!

Unknown said...

Tickets for 19,20 th December 2019 programs at Narada gana sabha Chennai

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