December 22, 2009

Sumitra Vasudev : Young Veteran ! Sivapriya Krishnan

The veteran spirit of the morning initiated by Nedunuri, was carried throughout till 3.30 by Sumitra Vasudev in the afternoon.

Sumitra Vasudev , is a young lady with a veteran’s mind and approach to singing. Classicism, creativity, control, fostered manodharma are some of the hallmarks of her singing. She did her guru Sangita Kalanidhi Smt.R.Vedavalli proud by her brilliant singing today at 1.45 in the afternoon at the Music Academy.

Her music flowed like a cascading waterfall . Her intuitve ability, innovation, raga mapping, neraval manodharma, are fabulously lofty and reminds one of a very senior veteran’s music.

The Bhairavi Ata Tala varnam by Pachimiriyam Adiappa ,was sang with the third swara in the charana and the anubandha, as given in the Sangita Sampradaya Pradashini. After Samrane Sukhamu, a beautiful Khamas raga followed with Seetapate and the quick swaras, told us immensely of Sumitra’s grip over the raga.

Varali raga had brilliant sancharas and covered all the possibilities of delineation .Maa mavaMenakshi , a Dikshitar masterpiece was sung wonderfully with innovative swaras.

The major credit goes to Sumtra for her RTP in Begada. What a raga alapana! There was not a single unexplored phrase of Begada left. The Taanam needs a special mention . She correctly maintained the “madhyamakala” speed from start to end, as per the Lakshana of taanam singing. The pallavi “Mahima Teliya Taramaa ama nee in Khanda Jhampa at mukkaal eduppu was a veitable treat. Very neat and crisp presentation. Neraval is the heart of pallavi singing and this Sumitra did brilliantly.

All the necessary aspects of changes in speed , trikaalam were strictly adhered to. Her ragamalika swaras in Reetigowla, Paadi, Kuntalavarali and the same in reverse order back to Begada was a done with consummate ease and creativity.

Arunachala Karthik was good by himself on the violin, but could not match upto the vocalists creativity. R.Sankaranarayana on the mridangam was accompanying very well, but he failed to impress,in the tani avartanam, as he was far too long and kept rolling over with his korvais.

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