December 16, 2009

Youngsters shine bright !

...................... by Sivapriya Krishnan

1.Aswin Anand : Veena recital steeped in classicism

Veena , the divine instrument, held by Goddess Saraswati, need not fear that it will become or is becoming extinct, as long as there are young artists like Aswin Anand playing that instrument, steeped in classical tradition. His concert was held at Naada inbam on the 16 th of December 2009.

Aswin was so confident with his instrument. Melody flowed, from every fret of the instrument.

Starting with Gananayakam and brisk swaras in Rudrapriya , he went on to a soulful Purvikalyani raga and Paripurna kama of Tyagaraja in Rupaka tala.

China nadena in Kalanidhi was fast paced only to be followed by Kambodi The raga played by Aswin was out and out a gold standard Kambodi. Every bit was melodious and pure and this set a tone for Sri Subramanyaya Namaste, which was embellished and chiselled like a work of pure art.

He is currently under the tutelage of Sangita Kalanidhi Smt.R.Vedavalli and has imbibed her musical values into every bit of his Veena, in all aspects of alapana, kriti rendition and kalpana sangitam.

Charulatha Ramanujam another artist from Bangalore , on the violin reflected the same standards set by Aswin and was very supportive. Kalladiakuruchi Sivakumar was on the mridangam. His playing was smooth with apt gumkis and chaps at relevant places and flowed with the Veena.

2. Carnatica Brothers : K.N.Sashikiran and P.Ganesh

Carnatica Brothers K. N. Sashikiran and P.Ganesh, gave a vibrant concert for the Music Academy in the afternoon. The main highlight of their concert was the Ranjani mala RTP, in Adi tala, “ Sogasugsmridanga taalamu, Sriranjani raga bharitha” . The RTP was imaginatively reconstructed to suit Janaranjani and Sivaranjani. Good and intelligent kalpana swaras added to the flavour of the pallavi and they rounded it in reverse order too.

The brothers supported each other very well and effectively balanced the two voices in the upper and lower octaves complementing each other. The Pancha Raga Pancha Nadai Tillana , a composition of their brother Chitravina Ravikiran, was yet another highlight, which was handled deftly by the brothers. It was a welcome change to see a very imaginative tillana being rendered.

Idapally Ajit Kumar on the violin and Trivandrum Vaidyanathan on the mridangam supported intelligently.

It is heartening to see that , Carnatic music is indeed safe in the hands of some youngsters like these.

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Prashant Prasad said...

Happy to see a review of Ashwin's concert. He is really talented both in vocal and veena!

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