December 09, 2009

This is for the rasikas

If you love being in as many number of concerts as possible during the season, you can become a 'Rasika Siromani' and win a cash award for yourself.

Conceptualised by Carnatica’s Founder-Director vocalist K.N. Sasikiran, the Rasika Awards aim to encourage rasikas to listen to more music during the December Music Season and also to review the concerts objectively.

The Awards will be presented in two categories – Rasika Shironmani and Rasika Pro.

Rasika Shironmani: This contest is for the best reviews. Rasikas must attend concerts and send in their reviews. The rasikas who write the best reviews will be selected and awarded cash prizes.

Rasika Pro: In this contest, the rasikas who attend the maximum number of concerts will be awarded prizes. Song lists must be complete in all respects – they must include the name of the song, ragam, talam, composer and manodharma details (alapana, tanam, neraval, kalpanaswarams).

To participate in these contests, rasikas can do either of the following:
- Fill in the entry forms available in sabhas across the city, attach details of the concerts attended and submit them at Carnatica’s office:
Srishti’s Carnatica Private Limited
Jammi Building, No. 60, Royapettah High Road,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004

Or E-mail the details of the concerts attended to Carnatica at, along with 1. Name, 2. Address, 3. Phone

First Prize – Rs. 10,000, Second Prize – Rs. 5,000, Three Third Prizes - Rs 2,000 for each of these contests

Prizes will be sponsored by Hallmark.

Guidelines to rasikas:

1. Only concerts attended from 10th to 30th of December will be considered.
2. 60% of the marks will be allotted for afternoon concerts and lecture demonstrations.
3. Concerts will be considered as attended only if the rasika stays at least until the end of the main-piece.
4. For every concert, the song list/review must include the names of all performers, venue, time and theme, if any.
5. If the rasika does not recognize a song or a ragam or does not know the composer, he/she can consult someone who does.
6. Only one entry is allowed per person; multiple entries from the same family are allowed.
7. One person can compete in both contests – Rasika Shironmani & Rasika Pro.
8. Entries will be considered only if contact details and song lists are complete in all respects.
9. Last date for receipt of entries: 11 pm, 30th December, 2009

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