December 03, 2009

Stand alone or go under an unbrella?

In the IT entrepreneurs' world, there is a new debate on whether to set up one's own limited company or to operate under an umbrella organisation.
And the argument is valid for the huge number of Dot Com companies and service providers too.

With the advancement in technology, the ATM of banks is now integrated - you can push in your card in any bank's ATM and draw the money.
The cell phone companies will soon be giving you an option to switch over the service providers without changing your phone numbers.
In a sense, we all will be under one umbrella for each of these services.

But, how will people take the idea if it is introduced in our art festivals?
If all the sabhas come under one roof to host this grand December Music and Dance Festival across the city ...
If they jointly publish their schedules date-wise and artiste wise ...
If they all share the expenses as well the gate collections...
If all the newspaper and media come together and publish a grand daily issue in print and online...
If they all come together and promote worldwide this exclusive December Season, unique to Chennai...
If they all jointly host educative series for the newbies and engage the younger generation...

In a discussion about this across a coffee table, a few people agreed that this grand event needs global promotion and recognition and there are many advantages in joining hands and celebrate December.

P. Krishnamoorthy, a senior citizen, showed a preface written by Sri. R. Yagnaraman, (who was heading Sri Krishna Gana Sabha) for a book published by GNB Foundation. Sri Yagnaraman has signed as the President, Federation of City Sabhai, Madras dated 10-12-1971. And wondered whether this was a federation of all the sabhas in the city!

However, as an ardent fan of critics like Kalki, Subbudu, Veeyesvee, he was of the opinion that when it comes to coverage and reviews, there should be variety. He wants to read the long essay-like pieces in The Hindu, wants to read the reviews in Tamil in magazines like Kalki and Ananda Vikatan and also wants to keep a tab on the Internet for the latest news. He loves to forward links to interesting stories to his sons in the US and Europe.

What is your take? Please post your comments and share your views.

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