December 16, 2009

Vijay Siva, at the Music Academy, 16.12.09

..................... by Sivapriya Krishnan

Vijay Siva, at the Music Academy gave a standard fare. His concerts never fail as he always sings well above a certain standard. The main highlight was the Gamanasrama Raga followed by Idhi Neeku Nyayama in Misra chapu by Mysore Vasudevachar. Gamanasrama is a Mela karta raga close to Purvikalyani , but with the “pdns” prayogas in the aarohana and his raga alapana brought this out very clearly. The neraval and swaras were also interestingly crafted for this kriti.

Raksha Bettare, in Bhairavi, is a song that has the distinctive DKP / DKJ stamp to it and Vijay Siva did his school proud with this. Every bit of the song reminded us of those two stalwart musicians.

R K Shriramkuar was brilliant wih his violin. The veteran Trichy Sankaran’s mridangam was every bit a work of genius. With this thani avartanam, intelligently co-opted by Ghatam Suresh, both of them created rhythmic firework on the stage of a very high order.

Vijay Siva was the forerunner among youngsters taking to full time Carnatic Music and till date he preserves the classical tradition much to his credit and has been in many ways influential in getting more youngsters to join the Carnatic Music world.

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