December 29, 2009

Smt.R.Vedavalli's Music : Sukham, Sumukham, Suswaram

R.Vedavalli : Music Academy 27.12.09 Sivapriya Krishnan

If any musician of modern times needs to understand what it is to be precise without being limited, what it is to be perfect without undue pomp and show, how to excel in every sphere of musical presentation be it neraval, alapana, swara prasthara, pallavi, how to plan and balance with right choice and proportion the concert on stage, then it can be from none other than Smt.R.Vedavalli.

Starting with Enduku Nirdaya, in Harikamboji, Palukavemi in Purna Chandrika, Korinavaramu in Ramapriya, the concert was at once elevated to a level of superiority, that can be brought only with years of training and sadhana.

Ramapriya swaras with just the four swaras n, d, p and m and multiple combinations of the same were a sheer delight. Sukhi Evvaro in Kaanada was a divine expression and Kanugonu Sowkhayamu soaked in nayaki melody.The grand Sankharabharanam and Akshayalinga Vibho , with neraval and swaras at “Akshara Swaroopa Prataapa” was a connoisseurs delight. What a raga alapana and neraval? It was an intricately made Abharana !!

Srividya Rajagopalam , a rare Dikshitar kriti in Jaganmohanam was followed by Kharaharapriya RTP, with the Taanam in ragamalika of Begada and Reetigowla. The Khanda Triputa pallavi ‘Sri Ranga, Rangayya Nannu Brovumayya” was dexterously handled in the true masterly approach and style. The swaras in Kharaharapriya, Atana, Sama and Surutti were quick and crisp , replete with raga bhava within short catchy phrases. The concert concluded with Oruthi Maganaai Pirandhu , Tiruppavai in Behag.

Pakkala Ramadas’s violin was honey soaked and reminded of his guru Lalgudi in many places, while Arunprakash can be easily called the best Mridangam player with a keen musical ear, among youngsters today. What inventive and innovative strokes. Special mention has to be made about the way he played for the neraval in Akshayalingvibho. Anirudh Atreya, on the Khanjira is a youngster with a lot of promise for the future.

On hearing this veteran, one feels that the lines “ Nityamaina Suswarapu gaanamutho nirantharamu , tyagarajanutha” in Tyagaraja’s Sukhi evvaro, defines Smt.R.Vedavalli best !!.

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