December 31, 2009

Manda Sudha Rani : Exceptional Talent Sivapriya Krishnan

Carnatic Music does not stop with Chennai metro. It extends into various parts of TN, AP and Karnataka and many good vidwans and vidushis with exceptional talent and sound classicism, still emerge from these places.

Manda Sudharani from Vijayawada is one such example of an examplary talent.

One may not credit her with an exceptionally "attractive" voice, but she has a voice with depth and can traverse great speeds and flash lightning brighas, at the same time being able to sing vilamba kalam also with equal melody.

Sharavana Bhava in Pasupatipriya was sung in lightning speed and not one step missed! It sounded like a continuous cracker firework.

Her four raga pallavi, in the lines of the Ariyakudi pallavi, set in Shankarabharanam, Kalyani, Valaj and Kaanada, stands testimony to her musical mastery and her dedication to the art.

Set in adi tala , two kalais, the lines were "Sankarabharana veni, Kamala nayana Kalyani,Valachi vacchi na ramani, Kaanada rasikamani " was an aural treat. With tremendous ease she traversed all the four ragas and did all the workmanship , a standard RTP demands.

Not one bit of glamour, not one bit of unwanted showmanship! All she brought to the stage was her learning and her command over her art, with confidence and modesty at the same time. A soulful Parulanamata and BMK's lilting Brindavani tillana brought the curtains down.

Dr.Narmada on the violin was both melody and mastery personified. She was so quick and brought out refined and imaginative phrases and swaras on her bow.

VV.Ramanamurthy on the mridangam and N.Somayajulu on the ghatam, were pillars of strength on the percussion instruments and played a mind blowing thani avartanam.

Two things are clear from this :

1. Endaro mahanubhavulu , andhariki vandhanamu

2. Mastery over tala , laya and music is not the preserve of only a few males in the Carnatic community.

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Sydhwaney said...

Good to read..keep it coming.

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